Nsanje Flood

Greetings from Lower Shire. I want to tell you the story in pictures and they are fresh, shot them yesterday I got them from the surrounding area. We are still safe but closed and blocked we cannot go to the trading centre. As I am writing you now the sky is still holding a very dark cloud. It rained almost for two days the past three days ago.

Many of the houses and gardens are already washed away. For houses it is very damp and cannot stand strong. This picture on your right is where many people planted cotton this year but there is nothing but water. This is acres and acres of land.

From where I was standing, it is over 7 km to the river shire on your left and on your right the village is washed away and there is nothing but water only a few houses are remaining on the edge.

There was a little break of the rains and I rushed to see the other corner of the village.

There is a point in life where you actually stop thinking and remain helpless, this is the case in these two pictures. This woman escaped the fall of her house by an inch. She was cooking her last meal. That was the only flour to be cooked for herself and kids. It is very unfortunate for this lady because she lost her husband last year. A crocodile picked him as he was watering his tomato garden on the Shire river.

I was there when these houses were falling. Houses yes, how about toilets it is too bad a situation health wise. That is when another danger can come in – diseases (water borne)

At least to some better place to sit and watch and cry after losing property, and livestock and these guys on the canoe are helping those trapped to some better place right into the village, imagine

Water made its way between these two houses and the result is what you can see (L) and this village church (R) surrendered as if Jesus is was sleeping, no He is not sleeping.

This is the road which takes us in and out of Nchalo but not even a tractor can make it now we are blocked.

There are many dangers as a result of these floods which are devastating. The situation is changing from bad to worse. Already we have lost 38 people down south here. Mosquitoes will breed like crazy and there will be lots of malaria cases.

The water level has gone up giving chance to crocodiles to be everywhere there are looking for food and shelter. Snakes too are experiencing the same and we have big snakes here not just snakes but snaakkees. Since food and stuff are washed away, there will be hunger and diseases everywhere.

Many people have nothing apart from clothes on their bodies. A young man came back from work two days ago, he made his dinner and went to bed but at midnight he wanted to respond to nature’s call but before he was on his feet he discovered that the house was filled with water. Such are the stories.

Having shown you these pictures in this story, there is need for argent assistance. On our own we are nothing. Please share my story with others and I will let you know more about what is happening. Please pray for us

By Ven. Raphael Mponda

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