My Lent Devotion by Ven R. Mponda

Greetings once again in the name four Lord Jesus Christ in this season of Lent. This is the good season of the year where we all focus and meditate on what it means to fast and observe fasting. Wait a minute, this man want to repeat these words from Isaiah.
“Is it not this kind of fasting I have chosen,” says the Lord,“to loose the chains of injustice and untie the cords of the yoke, to set the oppressed free and break every yoke? Is it not share your food with the hungry and to provide the poor wonderer with shelter and when you see the naked, to clothe him and not to turn away from your flesh and blood? Then your light will break forth like the dawn, and your healing will quickly appear.”

It is now two months since many parts of this country were hit by floods and Lower shire where the Archdeaconry of Lower shire is was the most affected and it still is. We have seen water flowing, we have seen water filling homes and houses and families made their new home in trees and roofs of strong houses, we have seen water taking away crops which would be ready for harvesting at the end of next month, we have seen water bringing snakes and crocodiles closer to people and in some areas picking up people, we have seen water taking away humans down to Zambezi into the India Ocean. Half the time your thinking comes to a halt and half the time you ask questions like what is happening and where is God in this situation. Just ten days ago we had another one which was more serious and if it was going to take us for more than two days, I do not know what was going to be the impactLook at these.

Our M1 road turned into a river for hours for a distance of about a kilometer. You only had to be brave to do what you see in these two pictures. Such happened at three different places of the road in Chikwawa. This was such a strong current of water flow.

On both sides people were trapped and many returned home because it was not possible for them to make it. Only strong vehices made it. It demanded courage. Of all the people traveling, think about those who were sick and were reffered to Chikwawa district hospital.

These pictures show you different locations. In the picture on the left people left their houses, saw the walls of houses fall and ran to the M1 road to make decisions on the question what next. In the other picture, people saw fresh human excretion floating from damaged toilets behind these buildings. You will know the results of this, sichoncho? The water flowed over the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In such scenario as you can see in both pictures, human bodies are easily exposed to dangerous infections including genital and urinary organs infections and it becomes a problem. Talk about Bilharzia, zotupatupaetc

Everything had to be done in haste or it turned to be too late for slow people and children. There was fast flowing water. Haste wasn’t waste.

This old woman hurried to the road as well crying. She managed to save her life but lost everything she had. She testified that she has never seen floods like this in many years. Wearing a very sad face in the other picture, this woman on the bicycle taxi (shapa) is not sure of her patient at the hospital because she did not make it in time with food because of the heavy rains.

The impact of the floods is huge on the negative side and it will take time for many people to stand on their feet again. It is not easy for many people and it will not be easy soon. Look at this woman and the child. I would like you to make your own judgement. There are two or so things you can make out of these pictures by just looking at them. I can only tell you that there is skin infections in camps and homes the floods, homelessness and poor hygiene. I saw this woman doing it. She scratched her skin under the clothes with her sharp fingernails which she is hiding now. She said openly that the infection is so itchy and painful, she could not hold it but do it even in the open. She was not shameful. She preferred to sit down like this because it was better than on my chair considering the pains she has.You can see that floods came with lots and lots of problems. Have you ever thought of opening an Anglican clinic in Lower Shire Archdeaconry? Even a mobile one can do for a start. Why don’t you think of becoming a missionary doctor, teacher, priest etc to Lower shire. Remember you are a building block of the church of God and His Kingdom.

I thank each one of you who have extended helping hand to these flood victims and be part of the helping groups to alleviate the problems of these people. Please know that we are still in need of your help, prayers and support. May God bless you always. For sure your light will break forth like the dawn and your healing will quickly appear.

Remember what happened on the Jericho road. (Luke 10: 30-35) Most of us, if we are honest, have acted as the priest and the Levite in the parable. We have opted to pass by the difficult situation and problems in the Lower Shire. I believe that the Good Samaritan stopped to assist because he realised that time was of the essence. He could have something more important than this where he was going but he took time to stop perhaps he realised that this problem needed attention now not later. Lower Shire need your attention now not later.

This Samaritan knew he didn’t have time to sit and decide what to do. He knew he had to help the man then or it would be too late. Problems are getting worse in Lower Shire but you are still deciding. You know the solutions are A, B, C but you are still deciding, time is of the essence. The Samaritan focused more on the power he had rather than on his sense of helplessness. He was only one person but brought difference to the injured man. What you can do, you ought to do, and what you ought to do, by God’s grace you will do it.

The Good Samaritan gave of himself. He did not pick his cell phone and called anybody else. Too many of us would prefer to call someone else or pay someone else to do a job in this case Lower Shire flood problems that we can do ourselves.

I am very sad to let you know that today I made my way to visit the sick at our local hospital, but was affected by what my eyes saw and I did not believe them in the first place in other words my eyes saw my ears. The hospital is abandoned. No staff is working and they have gone on strike. Imagine this in an already most affected flooded area of the country. I cannot make it, am confused I came back home with an elongated and stretched face. Why should this happen to humans? What is the government doing?

It is good to know that we serve a God who is not selfish but was willing to come out of the confines of His holy place to show us Love.

Please take time to meditate over this message and get started. Time is of the essence and please do not count your helplessness but your power to act. I kindly ask you to share this with others. You will be blessed.

My LENT message
Raphael Mponda.

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