Mothers Union Fundraising Trip To HIPPO/SHIRE VIEW LODGE

With obedience to the saying, Sikadza kokha kaopa kulaula; a local saying, very close to the biblical Fact of ‘Faith without works...
The Mothers Union of the Diocese of southern Malawi recently conducted what has been rated the most fashionable fundraising event of the moment.

It was a give and take Phenomenon as people from across the diocese especially women willingly dug into their Pockets to pay for their chance of enjoying the rare gesture of a Train ride turned, Bus ride, not Because someone was sick in the village or because their car had broken down, but just for the fun of it while also helping raise funds for the much anticipated Mothers Union Bus.

It was all fun from the start to the end as two giant buses were filled to the brim, featuring free entertainment of music, stories, dances provided by the infamous "Anyamata akazi" Sebastian Liwonde in one bus and. ... in another.

The fun was climaxed when the buses—according to the Road Hostess of one bus, Mrs Yasinta Benesi Mtambo—Landed at the beautiful, Hippo View lodge in Liwonde district where million dollar poses were turned into photos by the accompanying amateur photo Journalist Tiyanjana Banda.

It was later realised that the photo session was just but a rehearsal of the fun day yet to come when the Road Hostesses ushered people back into their busses which took them to their
final destination—The amazing Shire View Lodge—just a kilometre from the Hippo View Lodge.

The people ate and drank as they listened to the inspiring sermon from the day's accompanying Guest Speaker Fr. Willard Kamandani, the honourable Fr. Spoke on the theme DO SOMETHING, STOP WAITING.

Quoting from last DSC's Bishop Charge, the speaker emphasised on the need for action by everyone with a goal, he cited 2 kings 3:1620 and pointed out that the situation has always been the same in the relationship of God and man, with God doing his part and people also required to do their part.

As people were very full due to the plenty sumptuous food prepared by The MU Fundraising Chairperson, Mrs G Makunje, served with soft drinks; they couldn't help but seek relief from getting sporty thereby speeding the digestion process.

There were several types of games played by both the retired and new timer gamers such as Netball, Fulaye, Fitch-Fitch as Gospel music courtesy of D.J. Damiano played in the background.

According to the fundraising Chairperson, the trip raised for the group a whooping sum of MWK 987000.20, expenses inclusive.

By Tiyanjana Banda

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