The Two Sides of A Coin: The Floods Are Over And What Next

Greetings once again from the Lower shire. I am happy to come back and bring to you another story about Lower shire after the floods.

The river shire changed its course during the months of January, February and March this year because of the water which flowed powerfully and widely. As everybody knows, we have had heavy rains. As a matter of fact during these months, it did not rain but it poured. On the very day I went to witness the displacement of people because of the overflowing water from the shire, my heart pounded in my ears and eyes and sweat poured down my sides. It was hard to believe my eyes seeing houses being pulled down and people running for their lives.

As the Shire changed its course life of the people changed too. No food, poor housing, diseases, misery and trauma were the order of the day and people stopped coming to church to worship. As a church, we had to do something to help and I thank all the people who came in to help. We have received various kinds of assistance. We could not manage to do everything but we did something. I thank God for you all who were concerned and came up to assist.

As coin has two sides and each side has a distinctive story to tell, the floods too have two stories to tell. There has been too much damage on gardens, property and lose of human life.

As the water was flowing down stream, it brought lots of silt and dirt which is fertile and was deposited where ever the water reached and along the river banks. This is a very good story to tell because we have seen very strong crop of maize and beans growing for those who have already planted their gardens. It is the same seed which you people have donated to flood victims of Lower Shire. The donation reached over 800 households which by the end of three months, there will be a very good harvest of maize. Farmers can plant twice depending upon the moisture in the soil. I hope you have understood the two sides of the story surrounding the floods.

Thank you very much for the support and care you all have rendered to Lower Shire during the flood period 2015. We received maize seed, bean seed plastic sheeting for roofing and clothes just to mention a few however there are a lot of things for us as a church to do in order to reduce poverty in the Lower Shire. As Christians we should take Christian approach. We all have work to help people realise that they are images of God and that they’re not empty. They have the capacity and potential and they also have God given resources to build themselves to better future. I strongly believe that a changed environment cannot change people but changed people can change environment. It is time for us all as a Church to about turn. Let us all work towards transforming people in Lower shire and elsewhere and this, only this, will be meaningful development. Receiving, receiving and receiving is not good at all.

You know God’s intentions for mankind since creation were good and are still good. Look at the following.

This is the arrival of the relief truck from the Diocesan Headquarters to Nchalo parish. It first came to All Saints – Kalulu.

We had to keep our load first before proceeding to St. Paul’s – Jombo

This is the arrival of the truck at Jombo. Singing, dancing and clapping hands. 150 households benefited at Jombo. This was orderly done

This man did not say Thank you. He said “To be healthy means to be wholesome and to be wholesome means holiness.” Four hours later it was like this and people wore happy faces then went home.

I had on the following day did the same for All Saints. We started working on the plastic sheeting.

The altar was our receiving point as it always does. They went back with seed, plastic and clothes. What you have just seen also happened at Nsanje, Chikwawa and Chapananga parishes. Since I have mentioned about helping people to develop in Lower Shire earlier, setting example is another best teacher. Look at this.

Getting set for bee keeping one of the projects we are doing. On the left a bee hive set in woods and on the right ready for harvesting honey.

Honey combs are collected from hives and processed in a very clean place using clean equipment and then packed. Using God’s given resources available can change people the way they look at things and improve. We need support and please buy pure natural honey from Lower Shire.

Thank you very much for taking time again to read this story about two sides of a coin. May God bless you.

Ven Mponda

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